Sunday, March 7, 2010


we have a choice to make daily of what we will do.
we can be a blessing to someone...or not.
we can try to do as we should...or not.
we can do what is right...or not.
its all in what we choose to do.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


when it started snowing, it was 40 degrees.  this winter has had some really wild weather.  i noticed around 11 am that it was snowing.  it is now 722pm.  and still snowing!
went to have lunch with my mom and dad.  dad tried out a new recipe called "easy taco skillet" .  it was delish and i definitely have to get the recipe. 
tomorrow will be the first day that i am working without the evil administrator. i am looking forward to it.  that woman was pure evil.  hopefully, her replacement will not be pure evil...but i shall see!
i did some reading today.   i normally do not have the attention span to sit and read.  but i did...for about 45 minutes.  and enjoyed it.  am reading beth moore's new book about overcoming insecurity...   i haven't watched a movie in quite a while because of my poor attention span. 

daily stuff

still sick.  i have a terrible cold.  taking my nyquil...which makes me a little loopy. 
the weather ppl were calling for snow here, its way too warm for snow.
later will venture out to do some errands that i need to do. will fill up on coffee to
wear off the drunkenness caused by the nyquil.