Tuesday, March 2, 2010


when it started snowing, it was 40 degrees.  this winter has had some really wild weather.  i noticed around 11 am that it was snowing.  it is now 722pm.  and still snowing!
went to have lunch with my mom and dad.  dad tried out a new recipe called "easy taco skillet" .  it was delish and i definitely have to get the recipe. 
tomorrow will be the first day that i am working without the evil administrator. i am looking forward to it.  that woman was pure evil.  hopefully, her replacement will not be pure evil...but i shall see!
i did some reading today.   i normally do not have the attention span to sit and read.  but i did...for about 45 minutes.  and enjoyed it.  am reading beth moore's new book about overcoming insecurity...   i haven't watched a movie in quite a while because of my poor attention span. 

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